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Wrestling PPV Result Archive

ECW Living Dangerously - March 21, 1999

Super Crazy def. Tajiri at 9'55" with a reversed rana.

Balls Mahoney def. Steve Corino at 3'55" with a hard chairshot.

Little Guido def. Antifaz Del Norte at 5'37" with his Sicilian Crab finisher.
Tommy Rich & Tracey Smothers came out. Smothers was dissapointed in Guido and punched him after his win. FBI appears to have broken up.

Promos were shown of upcoming events.

Rob Van Dam def. Jerry Lynn at 21'16" to retain the ECW TV title.
The match went to a time limit draw. The ref was going to award the title to Lynn but he wanted five more minutes to wrestle Van Dam so there'd be a true winner. Van Dam hit Lynn with the Van Daminator and then a frog splash for the cover. They shook hands afterwards.

Sabu vs Taz promo.

Jasmine St. Clair was shown (in taped pre-ppv footage) stating she was the new Queen of Pro Wrestling. Francine then came out and attacked her for a big cat fight.

New Jack def. Mr. Mustafa at 9'29" after a Balcony Dive.
Crazy match with garbage cans full of weapons. Once the guys were too tired, security helped them back to the ring where New Jack got the pin. The Dudley Boys and Joel Gertner came out afterwards to trash New Jack. The Dudley's then made an open challenge for any team to face them. Spike Dudley & Super Nova accepted.

Spike Dudley & Super Nova def. the Dudley Boys
Dudley & Nova got crushed. Bob Artese tried to save Nova but got the Dudley Death Drop. They then gloated afterwards saying they were the best. They made another open challenge. "Judge" Jeff Jones brought out Sid! The Dudley's insulted Sid and then double-teamed him. Sid got the upperhand and double chokeslammed the Dudleys. Then he powerbombed D-Von and carried the match outside. Spike Dudley came back in the ring and attacked Buh Buh Ray. He pinned him after his Acid Drop move. Sid then came face to face with Spike and powerbombed him from the ring through a table on the floor. The fans loved it.

Shane Douglas & Tommy Dreamer def. Justin Credible & Lance Storm at 18'57".
Credible was about to use the cane on Douglas but Francine grabbed it and hit Credible with it. Douglas put the fisherman buster on Credible and then rolled him up for the win. Cyrus (Jackyl from WWF) came in and helped Credible cane Douglas by distracting him.

Rob Van Dam then agreed to a rematch with Jerry Flynn at Hardcore Heaven during a backstage interview. Van Dam debuted his new nickname --> Mr. PPVRVD.

Taz def. Sabu at 18'27" with the Tazmission after three armdrops.
This was the unification match joining the FTW and ECW World titles. Sabu took a lot of punishment. Afterwards Taz wanted to shake Sabu's hand & Sabu allowed him.

WCW Uncensored - March 15, 1999

Billy Kidman vs Mickey Whipwreck
Winner: Billy Kidman

   Stevie Ray vs Vincent
Winner: Stevie Ray (He's now the 'leader' of nWo Black n' White)

Kevin Nash vs Rey Mysterio Jr.
Winner: Kevin Nash

   Jerry Flynn vs The Cat & Sonny Ono
Winner: Jerry Flynn

   Raven vs Hak vs Bam Bam Bigelow
Winner: Hak (with help from Chastity)

   Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig & Barry Windham
Winners: Benoit & Malenko (New WCW Tag Team Champions)

Chris Jericho vs Perry Saturn (Dog collar match)
Winner: Perry Saturn

   Big Poppa Pump vs Booker T
Winner: Booker T (New TV Champion) after Buff accidentally hit Steiner with a chair.

Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan
WINNER: RIC FLAIR (New WCW World Heavyweight Champion) Flair won after ko'ing Hogan with a tire iron Arn Anderson threw to him.

WCW SuperBrawl IX - February 21, 1999
Live from Oakland, CA Booker T d. Disco Inferno at 9:18 with the Harlem Hangover

Chris Jericho d. Perry Saturn by countout at 11:22 when Saturn walked back to the dressing room after laying out both Jericho and referee Scott Dickinson. Saturn apparently must continue to wear the dress.

Billy Kidman d. Chavo Guerrero Jr. at 8:25 with the Shooting Star Press to retain the WCW Cruiserweight title.

In Match 1 to determine the WCW Tag Team champions, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko d. Curt Hennig and Barry Windham when Malenko forced Windham to submit to the Texas Cloverleaf in 19:34. Seconds later, a recovered Windham choked Malenko out with the belt from his jeans and pinned him to win Match 2 to win the World Tag Team titles for himself and Hennig.

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (sub for Lex Luger) d. Rey Misterio Jr. and Konnan when Nash pinned Misterio at 11:00 following an Outsider Edge by Hall. As a result, Misterio was forced to unmask.

Scott Steiner d. Diamond Dallas Page using the Steiner Recliner on a knocked out Page at 13:54 to retain the WCW TV title.

Scott Hall d. Roddy Piper by pinning Piper with feet on the ropes at 8:22 to win the WCW US title.

Goldberg d. Bam Bam Bigelow with the Spear/Jackhammer at 11:38

Hollywood Hogan d. Ric Flair (time unknown) when a masked man zapped Flair with a stun gun. The masked man then unmasked to reveal David Flair. Hogan retains the WCW World title.

Credit: RSPW-I

WWF In Your House: St. Valentine's Day Massacre - February 14, 1999
Place: Memphis, Tennessee

Goldust defeated Bluedust (Blue Meanie) with the Curtain Call.
At one point, Goldust had Bluedust in the corner for the Shattered Dreams Kick, but Bluedust had one leg down. Goldust then proceeded to hit Bluedust with his Curtain Call to put things to an end between the two. After picking up the win, Goldust hit Bluedust with the Shattered Dreams Kick, to a huge pop.

Bob Holly defeated Al Snow via Pin fall, to become the new Hardcore Champion.
As previously announced on Sunday Night Heat, Al Snow was the new Hardcore Champion, since Jesse James suffered a major injury caused by an attack the previous night on Raw Saturday Night. Snow and Bob Holly, who were JOB Squad members, were scheduled to go one-on-one in a Hardcore Title match after getting into a brawl on Raw Saturday Night. Both men took it to the backstage and outside area, where they used several objects to their advantage. The majority of the match took place on the outside, in 30° weather. They took it to the banks of the Mississippi River, which was near The Pyramid. They both tossed each other into the freezing river, and continued to brawl. They took it to a chain-linked fence, where Holly wrapped it around Snow, to make the pin. Holly came back into the arena to obtain his Hardcore belt. The crowd gave him a huge ovation.

Pre-recorded footage was shown of The Ministry of Darkness talking on WWF.COM's audio broadcast. The Undertaker said we would see a massacre later in the PPV, as Mideon took on The Big Bossman.

The Big Bossman defeated Mideon with the Sidewalk Slam.
Mideon handed his jar of water and an eyeball to Jerry Lawler. In a matter of time, The Big Bossman won the match with the Sidewalk Slam. Following the match, the rest of The Ministry of Darkness made their ways down to surround and attack Bossman. The Undertaker made his way down. Bossman was hauled out by The Acolytes.

Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed D-Lo Brown. Kelly asked if Ivory was the person to take care of Debra McMichael and make them become the Tag Team Champions. D-Lo said Ivory was the perfect woman for them, and they would become the champions. D-Lo said if Debra interfered at all in his and Mark Henry's Tag Team Title match with Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett, Ivory would tear her clothes off.

Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) defeated D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry with Jarrett's Figure-Four Leglock, to retain the Tag Team Titles.
Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett showed tremendous teamwork to wear down D-Lo Brown. As D-Lo gained the advantage, he went for the Lo-Down, but was interrupted by Debra. As the referee was distracted, Owen Hart slammed a guitar across the knee of Mark Henry (this will explain why he will be out for a while), which let Jeff Jarrett strap Henry in the Figure-Four Leglock, to let him and Hart retain the Tag Team Titles. Following the match, Ivory and Debra got in yet another cat fight, but were pulled apart by both tag teams.

Backstage, Kevin Kelly asked Mankind if his knee injury suffered from the hands of The Rock on Sunday Night Heat would affect his Last Man Standing Heavyweight Title match. Mankind said it would take a lot more than a knee injury to stop him from fighting The Rock.

Val Venis (w/Ryan Shamrock) defeated Ken Shamrock via Pinfall, to become the new Intercontinental Champion.
Billy Gunn was the special Guest Referee. Val Venis did his sexual joke in the beginning, saying, "The Big Valbowski has a heart on for you." Ken Shamrock dominated in the beginning, and later hit Venis with a DDT. Shamrock had the pin, but Gunn wouldn't make the three-count. Shamrock got up and said, "What the f*ck?" Venis went for the Money Shot, but Shamrock super plexed him off the top rope. Shamrock hit a belly-to-belly suplex, and strapped Venis in the Ankle Lock. Venis made it to the ropes with help from Ryan Shamrock. Ryan slapped her older brother, after he got onto her for helping Venis. Shamrock then entered the ring, and Venis finished him off, to become the new Intercontinental Champion, thanks to Gunn's fast three-count. As Venis and Ryan made their ways back with the gold, Gunn beat down Shamrock in the ring.

Kane and Chyna defeated Triple H and X-Pac with Kane's Choke slam.
Triple H did his usual "Are You Ready?" introduction in the beginning, and said " ... And, Chyna, come out here and get your butt kicked you big jacked up b**ch." During the match, Shane McMahon took it upon himself to make his way down and do color commentary. X-Pac took it to Chyna, and went for the Bronco Buster, but missed. At one point, X-Pac and Kane were on the outside of the ring, and X-Pac clocked McMahon. Kane and Chyna wore down X-Pac in the ring, until Triple H was finally tagged in. The referee was knocked out. After riding Chyna with a Bronco Buster, McMahon spoiled the fun by clothes lining X-Pac. X-Pac left the ring to chase after McMahon. Meanwhile, Triple H was left alone in the ring with the heels. Triple H was set to hit Chyna with the Pedigree, but Kane stopped the maneuver. Kane slammed Triple H to the canvas with a Choke slam, and then placed Chyna on top of Triple H for the pin fall.

Last Man Standing Heavyweight Title Match: Mankind and The Rock went to a Draw.
Howard Finkel announced the rules of the match were, of course no holds barred, and you lost if you could not make it to your feet by a 10 count. Michael Cole mentioned that he had a conversation with Jim Ross backstage about the match between The Rock and Mankind. The Rock and Mankind took it to the outside of the ring almost immediately. The Rock was DDT through a table, but got back up in time. Mankind brought The Rock back down to the ring, and threw him into the steel stairs. Mankind went for a Mr. [Corporate] Elbow, but The Rock got out of the way, to gain the advantage. The Rock did his commentary skit, as he took Mankind to the outside of the ring. Mankind elbowed The Rock off from the apron to the announcer's table. The Rock made it to his feet on time, but as a result of the maneuver, Mankind started limping. Mankind was about to slam the steel stairs into The Rock inside of the ring, but The Rock countered by kicking the stairs into Mankind's face. The Rock worked on Mankind's injured knee with a chair. At one point, the chair flew out of the ring, and landed right on The Rock's head, knocking him out, but later getting up. The Rock threw Mankind off the apron, where Mankind's head hit the announcer's table, while his knee banged into the ringbell. The Rock then threw the steel stairs right onto Mankind. The Rock placed Mankind back in the ring, and executed the Corporate Elbow. The referee begun the 10 count, with The Rock demanding that he count faster on the microphone. The Rock started to sing on the mic, but Mankind caught The Rock with the Mandible Claw. The Rock got back up to his feet, and was DDT'd into a steel stair. The Rock used the referee to get to his feet at the last minute. Mankind pulled Mr. Socko out and shoved it down the throat of The Rock. The Rock countered the move with the Rock Bottom. Mankind got back up, and both he and The Rock simultaneously hit each other with chairs. Both did not get up, resulting in a draw. The crowd chanted, "Bullshit." Mankind and The Rock received medical attention, and were hauled into ambulances.

Steel Cage Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Vince McMahon.
The winner of the match would receive a Heavyweight Title shot at WrestleMania XV and there were no Team Corporate members allowed at ringside, or Vince McMahon would fire them. Stone Cold Steve Austin destroyed McMahon in the beginning, staying outside of the ring. The two brawled around, and weren't even inside of the steel cage. Vince McMahon climbed up the cage, with Austin following. Austin threw McMahon off the cage, who landed on the Spanish announcer's table. Medical attention arrived for McMahon. He was put in a neck brace, and placed on a stretcher. Shane McMahon came out to check on his father's well-being. Austin smiled all the way. The medics asked if McMahon knew where he was. Howard Finkel was in the process of announcing Austin as the winner, but Austin said it was bullshit, and he made guarantees of what he would do (bloodshed, go onto WrestleMania by beating McMahon's butt). Austin asked if McMahon was still breathing, and he was. Austin wheeled the gurney McMahon was on into the cage. Austin hit McMahon with the stretcher several times. Austin tossed McMahon back in the cage, and the bell rang, to indicate the match continued. Austin removed McMahon's neck brace. As Austin was stepping outside of the cage to take the win, McMahon flipped him off, which caused Austin to re-enter. McMahon attempted to climb out of the cage, but Austin was able to get him off by slamming McMahon into the cage, which caused him to bleed. Austin was about to step out of the cage, but decided to come back in. At that point, Michael Cole noted the mistake Austin made in the Royal Rumble. After Austin hit the Stunner on a bloody McMahon, and was about to make his way out of the ring, Paul Wight (The Giant) came in and attacked Austin. McMahon attempted to make his way out, but the cage gave way. Austin then managed to make his way out of the cage for the win. Austin would go to WrestleMania XV on 3/28 to take on the WWF Heavyweight Champion.

* Chants of "Jerry" were heard throughout the show for the possible future Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee.

Credit: Real Wrestling Info Newsboard

WWF Royal Rumble - January 25, 1999
Big Bossman d. Jesse James with the Bossman Slam. This was a regular match and not for the Hardcore title, so James retains that belt.

Ken Shamrock d. Billy Gunn by forcing Gunn to tap out from the anklelock. Shamrock retains the WWF Intercontinental title.

X-Pac d. Gangrel with the X Factor to retain the WWF European title.

Sable d. Luna in a strap match to retain the WWF Women's title. Both women had touched three turnbuckles (touching all four was the object of the match). Terri Power interfered to help Sable touch the fourth.

The Rock d. Mankind in an "I quit" match to win the WWF World title. Mankind took a fall from a platform onto a large piece of electrical equipment, causing it to spark. Rock had Mankind apparently out cold and someone played a tape of Mick Foley saying "I quit" from an earlier interview when he said, "I will never say 'I quit'".

Vince McMahon (really) won the Royal Rumble to gain a World title shot at Wrestlemania XV. Order of entry and elimination (note: This list below may not be perfect, and in some cases people were eliminated at the same time, but this should be very close):

    Entry                               Elimination
    -------                             ---------------
1.  Steve Austin                        Golga
2.  Vince McMahon                       Dwayne Gill"berg"
3.  Golga                               Dan Severn
4.  Droz                                Steve Blackman
5.  Edge                                Tiger Ali Singh
6.  Dwayne Gill"berg"                   Droz
7.  Steve Blackman                      Blue Meanie
8.  Dan Severn                          Edge
9.  Tiger Ali Singh                     Mabel
10. Blue Meanie                         Gangrel
11. Mabel                               Al Snow
12. Jesse James                         Jesse James
13. Gangrel                             Kurrgan
14. Kurrgan                             Godfather
15. Al Snow                             Goldust
16. Goldust                             Kane
17. Godfather                           Ken Shamrock
18. Kane                                Billy Gunn
19. Ken Shamrock                        Test
20. Billy Gunn                          X-Pac
21. Test                                Jeff Jarrett
22. Big Bossman                         Mark Henry
23. Hunter Hearst Helmsley              Chyna
24. Val Venis                           Val Venis
25. X-Pac                               Hunter Hearst Helmsley
26. Mark Henry                          Owen Hart
27. Jeff Jarrett                        D-Lo Brown
28. D-Lo Brown                          Big Bossman
29. Owen Hart                           Steve Austin
30. Chyna                               
Some key details on the Rumble match:

-- Entry was each 90 seconds, after we had heard 60 on the WWF's "Byte This" internet show and 120 during Heat.

-- After Austin eliminated Golga, McMahon left the ring and went into the crowd. Austin chased him and beat on him until he got ambushed by Corporation members. He was taken from the building in an ambulance, which he would later commandeer a drive back to the arena. McMahon returned and did commentary for the match until he and Austin were the last two in the Rumble.

-- Mabel appeared at Heat as a surprise opponent in Mankind's "warmup" match ordered by McMahon. He was eliminated by Undertaker's Ministry and thrown into a hearse by his followers.

-- Kane cleared the ring, but eliminated himself to go after people from the "mental institution" trying to capture him.

-- Mark Henry was eliminated easily by Chyna seconds after she entered the ring. Chyna was then clotheslined out by Austin.

-- Austin was pushed out by McMahon after The Rock distracted him long enough for McMahon to recover from Austin's attack.
Credit: Danny Porter

WCW SOULED OUT - January 17, 1999
Chris Benoit defeated Mike Enos by submission with the the Crippler Crossface.

Norman Smiley defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. by submission with the Norman Conqest.

Fit Finlay defeated Van Hammer with the Tombstone Piledriver.

Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Wrath with Greetings from Asbury Park.

Lex Luger defeated Konnan by making him submit to the Torture Rack.

Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) defeated Saturn via Pinfall.

Kidman defeated Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, and Rey Mysterio, Jr. with the Shooting Star Press, to retain the Cruiserweight Title.

Ric and David Flair (w/Arn Anderson) defeated Curt Hennig and Barry Windham via Pinfall.

Goldberg defeated Scott Hall in a ladder/taser match.

ECW: GUILTY AS CHARGED - January 3, 1999
The ppv at the Millenium Theatre, saw the changing of the guard as Taz beat Shane Douglas to win the ECW World Heavyweight Title. The match saw Sabu make a spectacular entrance and attack both men. Then, Tammy Lynn Sytch and Chris Candido came out of the crowd and shocked everyone by attacking The Franchise, leading to Taz's submission win.

Justin Credible beat Tommy Dreamer in the Stairway to Hell match when Terry Funk brutally attacked Dreamer.

Rob Van Dam beat Lance Storm to retain the ECW World Television Title in a controversial match.

The Dudley Boyz beat New Jack and Spike Dudley in a special challenge match. After the match, the Dudleys left Jack and Spike laying in their own blood. The Dudleys challenged fellow four time ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Public Enemy to meet them at the ECW Arena this Saturday.

Sid, mangaed by Judge Jeff Jones destroyed John Kronus in his ECW debut.

Yoshihiro Tajiri beat Super Crazy with a Drago Suplex.

Danny Doring and Roadkill took on the FBI in the PPV opener. A few minutes in, Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney came down and they made it a Three Way Dance, which Balls and Axl won.

In the dark match, One Man Gang and Rod Price beat Nova and Chris Chetti thanks to timekeeper Bill Wiles.

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