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Wrestling PPV Result Archive (for 1998)

WWF ROCK BOTTOM - December 13, 1998

D-Lo & Mark Henry def. Godfather & Val Venis

Headbangers def. Golga & Kurrgan

Steve Blackman def. Owen Hart

The Brood def. J.O.B. Squad

Goldust def. Jeff Jarrett

New Age Outlaws def. Ken Shamrock & Bossman

Mankind def. the Rock (no title change because Rock didn't say 'I Quit')

Steve Austin def. Undertaker in a Buried Alive match.


WCW WORLD WAR 3 - November 22, 1998

Wrath d. Glacier.

Stevie Ray d. Konnan by DQ.

Ernest Miller and Sonny Onoo d. Perry Saturn and Kaz Hayashi.

Billy Kidman d. Juventud Guerrera to regain the WCW Cruiserweight title.

Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner fought to a no-contest.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash also had a no-contest.

Chris Jericho d. Bobby Duncum Jr. to retain the WCW Television title.

Kevin Nash won the 60-man, 3-ring battle royale to win the World title shot at Starrcade on 12/27 by eliminating Scott Hall and Lex Luger.

Diamond Dallas Page d. Bret Hart to retain the WCW US Title.

WWF SURVIVOR SERIES - November 16, 1998

(F=Finals, QF=Quarter finals, SM=Semi-finals)

F: Mankind def. Dwayne Gill

F: Al Snow def. Jeff Jarrett

F: Steve Austin def. the Big Boss Man by DQ

F: X-Pac wrestled Steven Regal to a double count out

F: Ken Shamrock def. Goldust

F: Rock def. Triple H

QF: Undertaker def. Kane

QF: Mankind def. Al Snow

QF: Rock def. Ken Shamrock

Sable def. Jacqueline becoming the new WWF Women's Champion

SF: Rock def. Undertaker

New Age Outlaws def. the Headbangers plus D-Lo & Mark Henry in a three way match.

Main Event: Rock def. Mankind becoming the new WWF World Champion.


WCW HALLOWEEN HAVOC - October 25, 1998

Bill Goldberg def. Diamond Dallas Page retaining the WCW World Title.

Hulk Hogan def. Warrior with help from Horace

Bret Hart def. Sting after hitting him with his own bat behind the ref's back

Scott Hall def. Kevin Nash by CO

Rick Steiner def. Big Poppa Pump & Giant becoming the new WCW World Tag Team champion.

Kidman def. Disco Inferno retaining the WCW Cruiserweight title

Saturn def. Lodi

Alex Wright def. Fit Finley

Disco Inferno def. Juventud Guerrera

Wrath def. Meng

Chris Jericho def. Raven retaining the WCW TV title.

WWF IYH:Judgment Day - October 18, 1998

Al Snow def. Marc Mero

LOD def. DOA

Christian def. Taka Michinoku becoming the new WWF Lightweight Champion

Goldust def. Val Venis

X-Pac def. D'Lo Brown becoming the new WWF European Champion

Headbangers def. New Age Outlaws by DQ.

Ken Shamrock def. Mankind retaining the WWF I-C title.

Mark Henry def. The Rock with help from D-Lo.

Undertaker wrestled Kane to a double count out/disqualification. Steve Austin was the ref.