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If you decide to use oneof these backgrounds on your homepage please put this on of the page youuse it on:

<a href="">
Background providedby the Wrestling Leader</a>

or you can link with this button:
Background provided by the Wrestling Leader

SableAdded 4/8

DebraAdded 4/8
This' a full page background at a size of 640x480.

TerriAdded 4/8
Terri Runnels

Tammy SytchAdded 4/8
Tammy Sytch
This' a full page background. It'll look best with your page in a tableon the left.

Dawn MarieAdded 4/8
Dawn Marie

UndertakerAdded 4/7
Satanic Undertaker

The CorporationAdded 4/7
Red Crystal Ball

The RockAdded 4/7
IF you smell-la-la-la....

Ric FlairAdded 1/7
Ric Flair

Kevin Nash w/ WCW World TitleAdded 1/7/98

KaneAdded 12/12/98

Poppa Pump MugshotAdded 12/12/98
Poppa Pump

Stone Cold on TV GuideAdded 12/2/98
Steve Austin

Val VenisAdded 11/22/98
Val Venis

Degeneration-XAdded 10/13/98

Latino World OrderAdded 10/11/98
latino WORLD order background

nWo WolfpacAdded 10/13/98
Wolfpac Background